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Be of the People, by the People, for the People

Yesterday, Washington, DC was a rough day for #TheBeingofaNation road trip. I am not sure if it was the day, the temperature, the locations I picked, or the time of day that I chose, but I got more “no” responses than I got “yes” ones. I learned early on in the project to let go of the number of people I am able to talk to and focus on quality over quantity. Yet, when you … CONTINUE READING

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Lesson from a Young Marcher

Marching at the Women’s March on Washington was a powerful experience of unity and collective heart. While everyone may have come to the March with a different lived experience, it was clear that the overarching feeling was one of support and love. In a time when I have been feeling so concerned, worried and depressed for the future of our country (and world), these feelings were challenged by the collectiveness of January 21, 2017. It … CONTINUE READING

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Danny Harris

Chapter Be_Danny Harris_Be Bold

Danny Harris was making a routine visit to the Whole Foods on P Street in Washington, D.C. back in 2009 when he looked around and noticed that while he was surrounded by people just like him — “a community of me-s” — no one was interacting or engaged with each other. They were going about their business, separated from each other and unaware of the person next to them. He had worked in policy for … CONTINUE READING

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The Quitters’ Club

quitting is okay

Quitting holds such a negative connotation in our culture – and in many other cultures – that people would rather drudge along on one path forever instead of running the risk of looking like a “loser” by quitting. The truth of the matter, though, is that sometimes we have to quit something in order to allow something even better to enter into our lives. We can become so blinded by our expectations and preconceived notions … CONTINUE READING

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