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Bonnie Coberly

Bonnie Coberly_Chapter Be

Bonnie Coberly is a certified health counselor and the founder of Healthy Bites, a company based in Washington, D.C. that plans your weekly menu and delivers the freshly prepared dishes right to your door. Bonnie’s degree is in journalism and marketing and worked in communications at non-profits before making the decision to follow her passion for integrative health. She had experienced some health issues of her own in her twenties, and once she was … CONTINUE READING

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Take Time to Tinker

Chicago Tinkering School logo

It has been around for several years, but I recently learned about the Tinkering School and fell in love with the concept. The school started in the San Francisco area by Gever Tulley, and there are now programs offered in Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Buffalo and Bratislava (which is the capital of Slovakia – and embarrassingly, I had to look that up). The concept is a program for youth that gives them the time, … CONTINUE READING

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Make Who You Are


Feeling inspired today by this fun and wise illustration by the amazing Lisa Congdon. Lisa is an illustrator and fine artist who made the illustration to support Makeshift Society‘s expansion to Brooklyn via their Kickstarter Campaign. The piece was made into a tote bag, which you could have if you contribute to the cause! 

I’m slightly obsessed with Makeshift Society and am very thrilled that they are bringing their positive energy and … CONTINUE READING

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