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Be Rebellious


I had the great honor of being a guest on the Raising Rebellion podcast this week – getting the opportunity to talk to the the podcast’s host, Paul Kim, about the notion of BEing and how this simple act can be seen as rebellious. Paul’s podcast is for parents who want to “prepare their kids to challenge the status quo, and to seek a life of wonderment, purpose, fulfillment, and happiness, even if it’s an … CONTINUE READING

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Lisa Congdon


When you look at Lisa Congdon’s artwork and illustrations or watch any of her Instagram time-lapse videos of her creating work, you are left with a feeling that this must be something that she has been doing since she was very young. She does it with such ease and her pieces leave you feeling both inspired and playful. Yet, Lisa is a self-taught artist who did not take her first official art class until she … CONTINUE READING

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Nora McInerny Purmort

Nora: 600x400

Nora McInerny Purmort never expected to be a widow at 31 years old – nor did she expect to have to read a eulogy at her father’s wake 6 weeks before that. She was thrown into a situation that she did not ask for, and faced changes that she never could have anticipated. There are the changes that we seek out in our life, and then there are the changes that happen to us, and … CONTINUE READING

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Brad Allen

Chapter Be_Brad Allen

I had the opportunity to meet Brad and learn about his story when I started volunteering at Urban Peak – a non-profit in Denver, CO that provides a full convergence of services for youth ages 15 – 24 who are experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Brad is the Lead Education Specialist there and works with students who are working toward their GED or looking to enroll in higher education classes. After … CONTINUE READING

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Cary Barbor

Cary Barbor_Books & Authors

Cary Barbor had a successful career working in the magazine industry for 20 years. She had devoted most of her adult life to the industry, but in 2008 with magazines facing difficult times and Cary’s interest in the industry waning she decided to explore other options. After some self-reflection and exploration she realized that she wanted to get into radio, but also was acutely aware that she did not know anything about the technical side … CONTINUE READING

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What You Feed Grows

the one you feed My personal mantra since leaving my 9-5 job three years ago, has been “what you feed grows.” I use it as a reminder to myself that if I choose to focus on the negatives in my life then that is all I will see and feel – the negatives. I got very trapped in living in the complaints of my 9-5 job and the more I focused on it, talked about it at work happy … CONTINUE READING

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