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BEgin Again

Chapter Be_Lindsey Stone_BEgin Again_2

BEgin Again by Lindsey Stone

We quit.
At the top of our game.
And it was the best change we could have made.

Clean Getaway Soap Company was our lives for seven years – sometimes it demanded more attention than others, and at the end my husband and I were each working 20-30 hours per week for the Soap Co, on top of bartending full time for me and grad-school for Mr. CleanGetaway.


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Field Trip Fridays

field trip fridays

This past Wednesday was May’s DIY Networking event at Share Denver. Lindsey Stone facilitated the evening, which consisted of a lightening round of questions, which got everyone contributing and thinking. One of the questions was, “How do you find inspiration when you need it most?” Donna of Donna Diddit shared that she started something called “Field Trip Fridays,” as a way to get out of her studio, change her environment and ensure that she experiences … CONTINUE READING

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