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69/100: Be Untethered

69/100 || I adopted #HarrietEthel when we lived in Brooklyn, so pretty much for her entire life, she has been an apartment dog. Meaning – she has never had her very own yard where she could just roam free. We technically had one in Brooklyn but it was so small and filled with branches and who knows what else – that it was not somewhere that she really could just run and play. So, she’s … CONTINUE READING

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54/100: Be Ok with a Rainy Day

54/100 || Saturday was a rainy and grey day in Denver – and usually when it is raining out Harriet Ethel and I keep our walks on the shorter side. But we both were in need of some movement and exercise, so in the spirit of play, I decided to go for a nice long walk in the rain. I actually love running in a warm rain – so why not take that same sentiment … CONTINUE READING

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26/100: Be Focused

26/100 || Yesterday I attended Bella Dodds‘ workshop at Samadhi Yoga which focused on how you can self-heal when moments of overwhelm take over. It was so good (be sure to check it out next time she offers it!), and really helped me think about things from a new angle and perspective. I always feel that the more tools you can add to your toolbox when it comes to self-care and mental health the … CONTINUE READING

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A Lesson From My Dog: Take Time to Rest

lessons from Harriet

“Rest and be thankful.” – William Wordsworth

Denver saw the arrival of summer this past weekend with temperatures that reached in the high 70s, and after almost a month of consecutive rain, most were thrilled for the warmth and sunshine and headed outdoors. The warm weather always means that I am a little more likely to extend my morning walks with my dog, but yesterday she quickly let me know that she had something else … CONTINUE READING

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