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Dear 2020…

Dear 2020,  

I’m sorry that people have been so cruel to you. You showed up last January, minding your own business, and then when our human-created issues blew up in our faces – we blamed you. You’re just a reflection of all of us. A mirror shining back to us all that we have avoided or did not want to see. You forced us to face the fact that so many of the things plaguing CONTINUE READING

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“The Being of a Nation” A Month Later…

It has been a month since I finished The Being of a Nation road trip and returned to Denver after three months of traversing the continental United States while getting the chance to talk to 375 strangers about how they want to be in the world. I took a few weeks to just be – catching up with people, sleep, and bad TV – and am now onto Phase II of this work…going through all … CONTINUE READING

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Nepal Earthquake


Moments like the recent natural disaster in Nepal have a way of pushing everything else to the side and reminding you what is truly important in this world – each other. If you are like me then you were not directly effected, but are watching from afar and only have images to give you an idea of the horror that the Nepalese people are dealing with as they recover from the devastating earthquake that hit … CONTINUE READING

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What Do You Know for Sure?

chapter be_shatter your external mirrors

Sandra Bienkowski created the list below of 48 things she knows for sure. And I love it. So many of the points are connected to things I write about here on Chapter Be and feel that another title could be “48 Things to Help You Be.” So many good and wise points to live by…

48 Things I Know for Sure

1. Fix yourself first.
2. Wisely choose who you spend your time with because … CONTINUE READING

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Michelle Welsch

Michelle Welsch_Chapter Be_Get Real 2

Michelle Welsch is a social worker turned entrepreneur who quit her life in New York City and moved to Nepal to work on various projects that support leadership and educational opportunities within the country. What started as three-week volunteer trip evolved into her packing up her bags and moving there full time. She has now been in Nepal for two years, and even though she might not be making oodles of money, she is more … CONTINUE READING

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We Protect What We Fall in Love With

I’m a girl who likes a deal just as much as the next gal, but I have to be honest and say I never understood the appeal of Black Friday. It seems so excessive, and I actually think “crowds!” before I think “deals!” Plus, the focus toward such a material holiday season has become less-and-less appealing to me the older I get. It seems contradictory to what this time of year is supposed to be … CONTINUE READING

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