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Michelle Poler


Michelle Poler grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, thinking that fear was normal because that is what she saw every day of her life. It was not until she was out on her own that she started to recognize all of the fears that were so deeply engrained in her. She eventually acknowledged that she was never going to be able to accomplish the things that she wanted to do with … CONTINUE READING

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Michelle Welsch

Michelle Welsch_Chapter Be_Get Real 2

Michelle Welsch is a social worker turned entrepreneur who quit her life in New York City and moved to Nepal to work on various projects that support leadership and educational opportunities within the country. What started as three-week volunteer trip evolved into her packing up her bags and moving there full time. She has now been in Nepal for two years, and even though she might not be making oodles of money, she is more … CONTINUE READING

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The Beast that is Procrastination

Procrastination_Anna Vital

Hello, my name is Kïrsten, and I am a procrastinator.

Procrastination has plagued me my entire life – well as long as I can remember – and has been the cause for much stress and anxiety. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that my procrastination is directly linked to my perfectionism and that my perfectionism is a result of that good old nasty emotion…FEAR. There is is again – rearing its ugly head.


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Want Trumps Fear


This quote hit home, as I have been thinking a lot about how we make the ultimate decision to move forward with an idea or life decision. If you are an ideas person you might have a million different ideas and thoughts for a great new career venture, the next big startup or new approach to an everyday problem. So, what makes you follow one and leave the others behind? I think it is just … CONTINUE READING

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