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We Need Love More Than One Day A Year

I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day for a multitude of reasons, not in the least that it commercializes and commodifies something that is innately human and free. And while I can appreciate the sentiment of designating a day to appreciating love, I have to question why we allow only ONE day out of the year to focus on something that we all need, desire, deserve – every day of the year. What would … CONTINUE READING

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76/100: Be Love

76/100 || This past Sunday was the Pride parade in Denver – which was instant playfulness! It was a beautiful day in the city, and I absolutely loved getting to witness people showing up in all of their true-self glory! I love Pride because to me it is the epitome of allowing people to JUST BE. The ❤️ of Chapter Be is supporting people who are living their true, authentic path in life – defined … CONTINUE READING

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Janis Wilson Hughes


Janis Wilson Hughes found herself struggling to find fulfillment working in chemical engineering after working in the field for 11+ years. She had dreamed of being an engineer since she was a young woman and went through the rigorous training to get her to where she was – yet, she found herself extremely unhappy and not entirely sure why she was doing what she was doing.

After transferring, moving cities and trying out different roles … CONTINUE READING

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