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“There’s more to life than work.”


Can we change or do we just grow to accept who we are? After reading a slew of recaps and interpretations of Mad Men‘s series finale this is the question I find myself asking. Mad Men is nothing if not a character driven drama – with each character’s story adding to the overall idea of what it meant to be a part of the 1960s. Did we see these characters actually change over the … CONTINUE READING

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Aaron & Claire Van Holland

Chapter Be - M.F.E.O.

Aaron and Claire Van Holland met while working together at MySpace. Yes, that MySpace – the social media platform that was all the rage before Facebook usurped it. Claire was recruited to work for MySpace from her job in Detroit, Michigan. In telling the story, Claire said that she almost had to cancel the meeting where she met the MySpace executives that recruited her – and had she, she might never have met Aaron.… CONTINUE READING

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