What if we stopped asking “what do you do?” and started asking “how might you BE in this world?”

Chapter BE is an organization that works to connect people to their true internal BEing as they write the next chapter of their life. Through individualized coaching, facilitation, and storytelling, Chapter BE guides people as they reframe their narrative from doing to BEing, ultimately defining success internally and (re)connecting with themselves and a greater humanity.

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About Kïrsten

Creating Safe Spaces to Simply Be

Kïrsten Blake is the creator and founder of Chapter BE. A certified narrative coach, Kïrsten helps people reframe their stories to better connect with themselves and others, so they can ultimately tap into a more mindful, authentic state of being. 

She is an educator, facilitator, podcaster, author, and public speaker. Her work and Being of a Nation interviews have been highlighted in The Huffington Post, as well as on the TEDx Stage.

In 2011, Kïrsten took a step back from her position in the public education sector in pursuit of reframing her own story and putting her being at the center of her life decisions. The process was one of relearning how to connect to her heart-center, and unlearning many of the things that had become so ingrained in her while being in the traditional workforce. There, Chapter BE was born.

While Kïrsten’s interests have led her down many different paths in life, each direction ultimately connects back to her love of stories and storytelling. Kïrsten has long been fascinated by stories, a trait she attributes in large part to her Irish heritage. It started as a young girl hearing her family’s stories, and continued when she majored in History and Women’s Studies (now more appropriately called Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies). Whether she’s traveling, teaching, speaking or coaching, Kïrsten uses the power of stories and storytelling to connect to the people and world around her.

Kïrsten has a B.A. from The College of Wooster and an M.A. in Education from Columbia University. She is a Certified Narrative Coach, a Certified Brain-Based Success Coach, and a Search Inside Yourself Certified Teacher.

When she’s not coaching, facilitating workshops, working on her book manuscript or taking road trips with her dog, Harriet Ethel, Kïrsten can be found running an online vintage clothing store with her sister, where she likes to imagine she’s helping well-loved pieces write the next chapters of their stories. No matter how busy she is, she always finds time for her favorite mindful activity, dancing. Her #BEdancing highlights on social media chronicle her commitment to dancing every single day for an entire year.

How can Chapter BE help?

Chapter BE offers Narrative Coaching, Facilitation, and Storytelling & Speaking.

Throughout our services, Chapter BE challenges you to change the focus of your story from “what do you do?” to “how might you BE in this world?” Our services are for individuals, groups, organizations or corporations looking to examine and live in their BEing.