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A Collective Deep Breath

We find ourselves in uncertain times.
Times that feel unfamiliar, frightening, and, perhaps, out of our control. 

And, although, we might not be able to completely control the spread of a pandemic virus, we can control how we respond to it. 
We can control how we show up for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, and strangers. 

This means we: 

  1. Wash our hands.
  2. Stay home.
  3. Listen to medical and science professionals. 
  4. And, if we do not have the option to stay home, we stay 6 feet apart from one another. 

But, it also means: 

  1. That social distancing does not have to be social isolation. We can plan virtual get togethers with tools like HouseParty
  2. We do not hoard food and supplies so that our most vulnerable and neediest neighbors do not have what they need. Share when and where you can – like this lovely story posted on NextDoor today:
  3. We can go on walks and be in nature. Watching as spring arrives and things begin to bloom again. Remembering that we will, too.
  4. We can donate to our local shelters/food banks, Meals on Wheels, or favorite organization that will most likely be overtaxed at the moment. 
  5. If we are financially able, we can buy gift certificates from our favorite local stores and/or restaurants to use later. We can help keep them in business, even if they have to close their doors. 
  6. If we are healthy, mobile, and able – we can check in on the elderly, sick, and disabled who might not be able to get to the grocery store or pharmacy to get what they need. 
  7. We can VOTE. Vote for local, state, and national elected officials who will fight for the most vulnerable among us. Elected officials who see that we have systematic problems that need to be taken care of and fixed. Who will fight for better healthcare, paid family and sick leave, and increased minimum wage so that people are not one pandemic away from homelessness. 
  8. We can dance, sing, play music, write, read – slow down life for a while and find pleasure in the pieces of ourselves that we might not have been giving enough attention.   
  9. We can breathe. Breathe into what you are feeling. Breathe into the worries, concerns, questions. Knowing that you are not your feelings, but your feelings are there to tell you something. Listen to them, but do not over-identify with them. If you need a little help with this, Insight Timer is your friend. 
  10. Simply BE. Our world is non-stop doing, doing, doing. Take this as an opportunity to just BE. Allow yourself moments to BE still. 
  11. Ask yourself the question, “How do I want to BE during this time?” and act from that place. 
  12. And, lastly, we can LOOK UP. Look up to the sky and the tops of the trees and remember that this world is big. We are all interconnected and in this together. We are a part of a much larger ecosystem, which means we are not alone. 

In an effort to try and help, I’ve created a PDF that you can download and do a bit of journaling:  Chapter BE – Reflection Prompts (Click here or on image below to download and print!). 
Journaling is a wonderful way to help you process your thoughts and feelings, by getting them out of your head and body and down onto a piece of paper. It is proactive and cathartic, and allows you to then move forward from a place of intention. This is a small gift for you, as I continue to think of ways that Chapter BE can be a resource and place for connection during this time. 

I am with you. Please feel free to share your list with me and/or others, and reach out if you are needing a point of connection. 

BE Connected. 
BE Safe
BE Kind. 

Photo by Casey Horner

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