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96/100: Be Willing to Take a Risk

96/100 || I know this is a bit of an odd picture, but it tells a story. Beatrice (the Be Mobile) has had a rough start of it. On Saturday, after two AAA visits, she ended up getting a new battery. Dealing with all of that was not the *most* fun so in an effort to flip the script, I did some external work on Bea that felt a little more playful. She came with this big ol’ ram on the back of her and it just never seemed fitting to her, me or her future travel outfit. So – I decided to paint it black in the hope that it would blend a little better. I had no idea what it would look like and was a tad worried that it could make it all worse. But – I let play rule, went for it and think it turned out pretty well! I now feel like Bea can shine without the silver ram taking over 😉 I then got a little over-zealous and painted the smaller front one. It did not turn out quite as well – that ram is lookin’ a little rough! 😬 All a part of the story, right?! All-and-all, think the risk was worth it! (Know it is a small risk, but felt big while I was doing it!) Beatrice is currently getting all did-up for our Saturday departure! Stay-tuned for updated pictures soon!!



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