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55/100: Be in Wonder

55/100 || May 28th will now be one of my favorite days of the year, as it brought my new niece – Charlotte Esther – into this world. Being able to meet her when she was only hours old was wonderful! Her idea of play is limited to treats and snoozin’ at this point, but being able to hold this clean slate of a being allowed me to remember what it was like to see and experience things for the very first time. Just thinking of all the play she has to look forward to in her life, which will bring with it new experiences and life lessons, put me in a playful (and emotional) state. Even her little parts – toes, fingers, nails (!!) – felt playful and sweet. It was a reminder of the beautiful simplicity in life, and how much we can mess that up as overthinking adults! This little person did not allow me to think too much, though, because it was mostly just an overwhelming FEELING of love and wonder. So – sometimes it is not an *act* that evokes play, but a *person.* Tiny ones, especially. 💓

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