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54/100: Be Ok with a Rainy Day

54/100 || Saturday was a rainy and grey day in Denver – and usually when it is raining out Harriet Ethel and I keep our walks on the shorter side. But we both were in need of some movement and exercise, so in the spirit of play, I decided to go for a nice long walk in the rain. I actually love running in a warm rain – so why not take that same sentiment and apply it to our daily walk. All bundled up under a rain jacket with Death, Sex & Money playing in my ear – we ventured out!
It was delightfully calm and quiet. We passed only a few people the entire time. Everything slowed down and it felt almost like we were existing within our own little universe. Like we had this special secret that no one else had discovered yet. I somehow felt entirely warm and cozy and began to see the rain as a gift instead of a burden. It made me think about playing in the summer rains when I was younger – running out in your bathing suit or rain boots and relishing in the puddles and sweet relief of crisp water on a hot day. Back when you had to be told that it was time to come in, unlike now when as adults we run inside at the sign of a raindrop. The 100 Day Project has helped me see the joy that can come from less appealing things – like a rainy day. You just have to be open to seeing it with a playful set of eyes!

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