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53/100: Be Brave

53/100 || I took a break from social media this holiday weekend, but the play continued! On Friday I had one of my favorite play experiences so far in The 100 Day Project. I went and took a Therapeutic Pole Dancing class with the oh-so-lovely Bethany of Became the Dance! My friend and Chapter Be interviewee Eddy Bowles had told me about it, and I have been curious to try it ever since! I decided that this project was the perfect reason to give it a try, but I can’t lie – I was pretty nervous! I love to dance, but this was something completely new and out of my comfort zone!
Bethany was just amazing! She was so welcoming and kind and non-judgmental. I told her that I was on a journey to be more heart-centered and to move from my default of thinking to more of a feeling state. I’ve been wondering if movement was a good way to explore this and she confirmed that it was. She talked about how our society is more human-doing than human-being…and in that moment I knew it was a good fit!

She explained that the way you deal with things “on the pole” is a direct mirror of how you deal with things in life. If you give up easily at something hard while learning a new move – then you most likely do the same thing in your everyday life. And let this “barely-there arms” girl tell ya…pole dancing ain’t for the faint of heart! It takes such strength and grace.
I had two big takeaways during our time together: 1) I was gripping the pole rather hard while learning some basic spins. The more you gripped the slower you went and it stalled your movement. I had a tendency to want to power it – using my (little bit of) strength instead of just letting go and trusting in gravity and the grace of the movement. The parallel to how I do this in life was not lost on me! 2) Pole dancing is a combination of grace and strength- you need both to make it work! Yin/Yang…Feminine/Masculine. I default to my masculine traits to work through something…thinking, powering through, using strength. I need to balance this out with my feminine…feeling, intuition, grace and trust. This hour of play was so informative and fun! Bravery + Play = ✨⚡️🌟

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