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25/100: Be Aware

25/100 || Yesterday I was working on the Chapter Be Workshop and was in a complete work zone – when I began to notice my stress and that I was solely in a head-space. Much of my own learning is to grow into life being about the process vs. the end product. If I am not in a heart space while creating the workshop, then why am I doing it? So – in enters play. I turned on some music and began to dance and lip-sync while I worked. It helped to take the seriousness out of the work and reminded me that I want the workshop to have a playful spirit, as well – and in order to do that, I need to have a playful spirit while I am working on it.

So far, the power that this 100 Day Project is learning to be aware of when I need to infuse some play into my day. It is not necessarily about a designated, pre-dertermined moment of play, but noticing when I need to take a breath and lighten my energy. It is a mindset shift and being aware of when play could help me move back into my heart – or at least balance out my *thinking* by adding some *feeling.* For me – movement, music, dance are amazing ways to do that as it automatically evokes a feeling. What are some easy things that you could quickly add to your thinking space to evoke more heart & feeling?

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