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“Shhhh. Slow Down.”


Winter Storm Juno (I guess everything has a name now) has hit the east coast, and I might have a little ‘fear of missing out.’ It is these moments that kind of bond a city together and, as long as everyone is safe, there is a quiet beauty to it all. These winter storms cause people to slow down and just be still for a little bit. The noisy, crowded city becomes covered in a white blanket for a very short time before it turns to grey slush, and in these moments it is almost like Mother Nature is saying, “Shhhhh. Slow down.” People become a little more playful and since work and school have been canceled, you see families out sledding together and friends curling up on each others’ couches – just being together. It as if everyone has been given permission to be still and take a break. It is rare that this happens in unity, and there is something really quite lovely about it all. Stay warm, cozy and safe my east coast friends.


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