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Could You Take a Remote Year?


I am obsessed with Remote Year since I read about it a few weeks ago! The premise is that a group of people commit to living and working remotely for a year – spending each month in a different city. “Remote Year is a group of interesting people traveling together while working remotely.  Over 25k people applied for the inaugural year’s 75 spots, which started on June 1, 2015 in Prague.” As of today, they are onto their 2nd location, Ljubljana, Slovenia, for the month of July. The itinerary includes:

Europe:  1) Prague, Czech Republic 2) Ljubljana, Slovenia 3) Dubrovnik, Croatia 4) Istanbul, Turkey

Asia:  5) Penang, Malaysia 6) Ko Tao, Thailand 7) Hanoi, Vietnam 8) Kyoto, Japan

South America:  9) Buenos Aires, Argentina 10) Mendoza, Argentina 11) Santiago, Chile 12) Lima, Peru

Each person has to have a job that will allow them to work remotely for the year, and agree to pay $2000 at the beginning of each month, which includes travel between destinations, all accommodations, common workspace and additional activities and events. It sounds like a study-abroad program for working adults!

One of my personal goals is to find/create work that allows me to be location independent. It is so hopeful to see the different things that are popping up to encourage and facilitate this.

Would you want to take a remote year? If so – would you do it on your own or would you want to do it through a program like this? Where would you go?! Oh…the possibilities!!

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