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Your Relationship with Yourself

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Paper Magazine interviewed Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds about her third album, FROOT.

I particularly loved this section of the interview when Marina reflected on her growth during her twenties and her relationship with herself:


I came across something you once said about yourself and not changing between 18 and 27,    and feeling like this was an agonizing amount of time to not grow up or achieve what you’d    like. What can you say to other girls who feel a similar stagnation? 

I feel like each person is so entirely different. Perspective is rooted in our history, so I’m not sure I can give an answer to that. My only advice is that your late 20s are much better than the early ones. To not worry about it, because my life changed completely drastically, not because of music but because of other things. It’s amazing how different you can feel from 21 to 27.

Can you speak to something specific that’s changed for you? 

There wasn’t any kind of specific thing; it’s more to do with your relationship with yourself. That’s what it was for me, anyway.

What’s surprised you about being in your late 20s? 

I don’t know if it relates to age or not, but I think the way my ambition is wired is completely different now. Previously, it was all about career and finding happiness in that, but that didn’t really work. Now, it’s more about a personal relationship, which I never thought would happen. I don’t really care as much — I do music for a living, and if you’re not having a good time, then why are you doing it?


*Image via Maria and the Diamonds

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