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Nepal Earthquake


Moments like the recent natural disaster in Nepal have a way of pushing everything else to the side and reminding you what is truly important in this world – each other. If you are like me then you were not directly effected, but are watching from afar and only have images to give you an idea of the horror that the Nepalese people are dealing with as they recover from the devastating earthquake that hit on Saturday. I am reminding myself that while these photos are difficult to see, it isn’t even close to the difficulties that they are facing first hand in Nepal.

This blog is about being your authentic self, but at our core we are all one thing – human. Even if we might not be experiencing the earthquake, it is our job as fellow humans to empathize and try and understand. What’s the point of creating your own path in this life, if you are not thinking about your fellow humans along the way? It all becomes rather empty if you don’t. This is not meant to diminish individuals’ struggles and hardships, but the truth is that it can always be worse. And right now worse is Nepal.

I can’t help but think about my interview with Michelle Welsch who started the Learning House in Nepal, and how she talked about falling in love with the country because of the genuine and lovely people that she’s met. She spoke about how her life in Nepal has taught her to live from a place of gratitude and thanks. You hear this from pretty much anyone who has spent time in Nepal. So, perhaps we can try and honor those who have been effected by the earthquake by being grateful for what we do have and by being sure to take care of one another in any way that we can.

If you have the means and would like to give, here are two links that might be helpful:

1. Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund: Prabal Gurung & Shikshya Foundation Nepal
2. “How to Help Nepal: 7 Vetted Charities Doing Relief Work Following the Earthquake

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