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Field Trip Fridays

field trip fridays

This past Wednesday was May’s DIY Networking event at Share Denver. Lindsey Stone facilitated the evening, which consisted of a lightening round of questions, which got everyone contributing and thinking. One of the questions was, “How do you find inspiration when you need it most?” Donna of Donna Diddit shared that she started something called “Field Trip Fridays,” as a way to get out of her studio, change her environment and ensure that she experiences something new to inspire and motivate her.

I love this idea of making it part of your week – something that you put on the calendar to ensure that you make the time to do it. Donna will share her outings on her site and via social media as well as invite others to join her. It is a wonderful way to change your perspective a bit, while also tapping into various opportunities within your community. The field trips don’t need to be elaborate – it might be as easy as checking out a gallery on your lunch break. In the same way that kids need field trips to expand their horizons and make learning come alive – so do we!

You can follow Donna or share your own adventures by tagging your photos with #FieldTripFriday.

What would your first field trip be?

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2 Responses to Field Trip Fridays

  1. Donna May 29, 2015 at 11:04 am #

    Thanks so much for sharing! I always have a great time with@ShareDenver DIY Events. Becky, Linsey and Ellen all contribute to getting the mind moving 🙂

    One of the inspirations for #FieldTripFriday was this great TED talk from Stefan Sagmeister on making time for sabbatical in a designer’s life.

    I know you love to walk the neighborhood, so today is a fun and easy field trip: looking at the sidewalks all around for signs of people who made them (side walk stamps and plaques, some dating back nearly 100 years) and the folks who lived here before us (such as hand prints in the concrete). I want to see what you discover!!

    When I’m back in the shop between moments outdoors, I’m poking into the history of what I find and following where that leads.

    • kblake May 29, 2015 at 12:14 pm #

      Thanks, Donna! Will be sure to check out Stefan’s TED Talk as he always is full of good gems!
      Since I was a history teacher – love your adventure for today! We used to do history walks with our students to discuss the history and change of a neighborhood and this is what your adventure reminds me of :o) So many goodies just waiting to be discovered!!

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