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This week I went to a business planning class that broke down the various parts of creating a business plan and went into detail about what you want to be sure to include, think about and research when constructing your plan. One of the key points that the speaker started with was that opening your own business is not for the faint of heart and if she could give one piece of advice that everyone take away from the seminar it would be to learn how to be ok with PIVOTING. Being a small business owner = constant change, so if you aren’t able to pivot with this change then you might find it challenging and unmanageable. 

The first thing that I automatically thought of (of course) was the “Friends” episode where Ross is trying to get his new couch up to his apartment. Anyone who has dealt with moving furniture into their place, especially in a small New York City stairwell, knows the frustrating challenge that can come with this undertaking. This resulted in a small laugh from me in the middle of the course (swear I heard some others laugh as well and couldn’t help but wonder if they also were thinking of Mr. Ross Geller). It then made me think about the correlation between opening a small business and life. Being able to pivot in life is just as important as in business decisions, if not more so. I’m not exactly sure that I am very good with either. Change has a way of undoing me a little, and I’m realizing that this is something that I am going to have to be very aware of as I start to undertake this next step in my Chapter Be. What are some of the ways that you pivot in order to cope with change in either life or your business? Is it something that comes with time and patience or is it something that you have to actively work on doing? Please leave any advice or comments below! 

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