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I recently saw Rick Griffith speak at Denver’s last Creative Mornings event, and one of the things that he talked about was that he has instructed his family and friends that he no longer wants material items as gifts. Instead he said that if people really want to get him something, then they can gift him an hour of someone’s time in order to learn something new. His point being that we need to start thinking about experiences over things and that we all have gifts that we can share with one another. I love this sentiment, especially during this time of year. 

Then this week, I got an email blast from The Sketchbook Project – an independent Brooklyn-based company that I have been following for a couple years. They “organize global, collaborative art projects.” and their “flagship endeavor is The Sketchbook Project, a crowd-sourced library that features 31,555 artists’ books contributed by creative people from 135+ countries.” The idea is that you purchase one of their sketchbooks from them, pick a theme (there are 20 themes to chose from – ‘wanderer’ is my favorite), fill up the book with writings, illustrations, sketches, drawings, etc., and then submit it back to the company. They include it in their library and also digitalize it to be shared with the wider community. 

You must order your book by January 5, 2015 and then submit it by March 31, 2015 – giving you three months to fill it in with all of your wonderfully creative content. I just love this idea as a present during the holiday season – as it isn’t just a thing, but an experience that you are giving someone else. It’s also a wonderful New Year’s gift to yourself if you have been trying to find a way to be creative every day. If you just want to admire someone else’s creativity for inspiration or motivation, check out the searchable online library. And…the mobile library might be coming to a city near you in 2015 – check it out HERE!

So – maybe this year take a page out of Rick Griffith’s (sketch)book and give the gift of an experience or time. Chances are good that they won’t want to return it and it really can be that gift that keeps on giving!

*Image via The Sketchbook Project’s Instagram

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