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It’s springtime in New York and the city is in full bloom.  Just like the dormant bulbs that were planted in the fall, New Yorkers are coming out of hibernation and the energy of the city is shifting.  Living and working in Brooklyn allows me to enjoy all of the flowering trees and gorgeous blooming tulips, lilacs and daffodils. I’m trying to soak them up as much as I can, because I know they are only gracing us with their presence for a short while.  One nasty spring storm and the cherry blossoms outside my door will be no more.

Being able to appreciate the flowers for the time that they are here and not focusing on when they will be gone, made me think about the practice of focusing on the now and enjoying what the moment has to offer.  I realize that the flowers have the power to make me stop, look at them, enjoy their beauty, smell their fragrant scent, take a deep breath and then keep on walking.  After a long and cold winter, they also are a reminder that change does come and that change can be beautiful. If I am able to transfer this practice to other aspects of my life, like my journey to find my career bliss, then I will be making efforts to enjoy the process a whole lot more.

The tulips, in particular, have caught my attention this spring, as I noticed that when I pass them on my morning walk they are open wide, stretching and reaching toward the sun.  Then, when I pass them in the evening, they are closed with their petals tucked securely in place.  Both hold beauty for different reasons, but I was somewhat in awe of this instinctual nature.  This flower knows when to reach for what it wants and seek out what is good for it, and it knows when to take a rest, protecting itself from any element that will not serve it.  It does this with ease – slowly and gracefully.  Even with its simple existence and short-lived life, it has the ability to strip down to its basic needs while still living beautifully.  May we all be as lucky.

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