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I was in Central Park last night for a concert – and a subsequent rainstorm – and as I walked to meet my friends I passed through Strawberry Fields and therefore the Imagine monument. Every time I see it, I find the simplicity of it very powerful and it got me thinking about the power of a word and all that it can hold or mean to an individual.  People come from all over the world to visit this spot not just because of its simple beauty, but also because of what this one word means to the person visiting it and the world at large.

For me the beauty and power of the word IMAGINE is really the idea of possibility.  Once we stop imagining we stop believing in the possibility of change and newness. We get stuck in our own patterns and routines and don’t see the possibility of all that we ultimately want, desire and are capable of doing.  As children we have such an innate way of imagining, believing, exploring; yet, this tends to get lost somewhere along the road from adolescence to adulthood.  Tim Smit of the Eden Project said, ” We want meaning and we grab it too quickly and then we close down our critical faculties because we so badly want things to be…so.” In doing this, we lose our ability to imagine all of the other things that might be possible, attainable and simply delightful.  If we become too focused on wanting things to be “so” that we miss the small every day events that allow us to dream and think even bigger.  How do we heed the words of John Lennon and make sure that we are indeed “living for today?” How do we make sure that we continue to imagine and believe in possibility?


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