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We Need Love More Than One Day A Year

I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day for a multitude of reasons, not in the least that it commercializes and commodifies something that is innately human and free. And while I can appreciate the sentiment of designating a day to appreciating love, I have to question why we allow only ONE day out of the year to focus on something that we all need, desire, deserve – every day of the year. What would … CONTINUE READING

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Approaching life with an open heart

Chapter Be_open heart

During this time of year, you inevitably are inundated with messages about love, and you can’t go many places without seeing love’s symbol – the heart – strung all over the place. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that I have never fully understood or really bought into. It feels a bit too forced to me and the commercialization of it all seems to trivialize something that I think is so very important and needed within … CONTINUE READING

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