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4/100: Be Magical

4/100 || Where are my children of the 80s?! How many of you remember magic grow capsules? When I was younger I was obsessed with them. I remember being so mesmerized by their magic! So when I was doing some boring errands and saw that they were on sale for a mere $1.00, I knew what I needed to do!

I found that it was the same feeling as I waited to see what would … CONTINUE READING

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TRUST Lunchroom & TRUST²

Chapter Be_TRUST_Be Unity

When you enter the TRUST lunchroom in Amsterdam, Netherlands you are greeted by both upbeat graphics and motivational quotes, as well as many smiling faces. The atmosphere is one that feels relaxed, and you instantly feel welcomed. Just the type of place where you would want to work for a couple hours, meet a friend or relax with a cup of coffee and a good book.

The outside window declares “Come as you are. Pay … CONTINUE READING

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Be: Invested

Carol Renz Blake_Chapter Be_Be Invested Be Invested
by Carol Renz Blake

There is that one Sunday in May every year that we all have in common…the day set aside to honor our mothers and any of the other women in our lives who may have somehow touched us in motherly ways. It is not often that one is offered the opportunity to express publicly what being a mother means on a personal level. When that invitation comes from one of … CONTINUE READING

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trust the timing of your life One of my main “be” goals for 2015 is to “be trusting.” Trusting that I will live into the life that I am supposed to live and that things will materialize when they are meant to – not when I force them to. I have a tendency to be impatient and want things to happen quickly, but have learned that life is much more enjoyable when you let things organically develop. It is a constant … CONTINUE READING

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Breathe, Trust, Let Go…


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