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Be Reflective

Be Reflective_hlkljgk

This post and podcast episode are a week late, because I was in Los Angeles last week meeting my brand new niece. Needless to say – I am very much in love – and I felt like it was a worthy cause to really be in the moment, spending my time focusing on her. The thing about major life changes – births, deaths, etc. – is that they really have a way of making you … CONTINUE READING

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Marla Aaron

Marla Aaron_Marla Aaron JewelryI had the opportunity to meet Marla Aaron at a pitch event that was hosted at Story last fall. I was standing outside afterwards taking pictures, and she approached me to ask if I was a maker pitching a product. Once we got talking, I learned that she had a pretty amazing Chapter Be story to share.

Marla had jobs in global communications for over 20 years, including being the former head of public relations … CONTINUE READING

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Timelines 1

I’m impatient when it comes to myself and the movement that I want to make in life. I get frustrated when things don’t move as quickly as I think they should and can be hard on myself when something hasn’t happened in the somewhat arbitrary timeline I have constructed for myself. It seems like I should be doing more or moving faster or be farther along in my process then I am – which then … CONTINUE READING

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