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100/100: The Being of a Nation

100/100 || Day 100 is playful for the mere fact that I can finally share with you the landing page and map route of The Being of a Nation!! The landing page will show you both the map guide that I will be using as well as more information about the road trip! ⠀

I have been hard at work preparing everything so that I can leave on July 15th – with my … CONTINUE READING

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99/100: Be You

99/100 || Packing sucks. I always think, “Oh, this is going to go so quickly!” And then 5 hours later I have more piles than I do packed boxes! It is hard when you are trying to purge at the same time that you are packing – knowing that it will feel so much better on the other end when you open the boxes and just have what you “need.” ⠀


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98/100: Be One

98/100 || Over the years I have used tarot cards with different friends and my sister, who can give a pretty amazing reading, but I decided that it was probably time to get my own deck. I wanted to be able to take a deck of tarot with me on “The Being of a Nation” road trip, so that I could use the cards to help guide me along my own personal experience on the … CONTINUE READING

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97/100: Be Blissful

97/100 || So…I’ve been a bit crazed getting everything packed up and ready to go in order to depart for “The Being of a Nation” on Saturday. When you get busy it is super easy to push play to the back burner. I had told some friends about music playing in the park near my apartment but on the day wondered if I should cancel since there was more stuff in mounds around my place … CONTINUE READING

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96/100: Be Willing to Take a Risk

96/100 || I know this is a bit of an odd picture, but it tells a story. Beatrice (the Be Mobile) has had a rough start of it. On Saturday, after two AAA visits, she ended up getting a new battery. Dealing with all of that was not the *most* fun so in an effort to flip the script, I did some external work on Bea that felt a little more playful. She came with … CONTINUE READING

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95/100: Be Here

95/100 || Music, drinks, and a good friend – all together on the rooftop of the Museum of Contemporary Art makes for a playful evening! It was just the epitome of a summer evening, and it felt so lovely to just allow myself to enjoy being in that very spot. MCA was even kind enough to place a sign right in front of me, to remind me that just being exactly where you are is … CONTINUE READING

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94/100: Be Grateful

94/100 || Day 94’s play started bright and early with my monthly Networking & Mindfulness meeting! The lovelies, Melissa Markle and Lauren DeFilippo, put the group together and it includes 9 other women who are working to live the life they most want for themselves. What I love most about this group is that we get the chance to share our successes and challenges with each other each month, and it is such a highlight … CONTINUE READING

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93/100: Be Alive

93/100 || My playfulness for Day 93 was getting the chance to catch up with a friend who I had not seen in years. In the midst of all the craziness of planning for the upcoming “The Being of a Nation” road trip, it could be very easy to convince myself that I don’t have time to have an ice tea in the middle of the day. But…that is exactly why I think it was … CONTINUE READING

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92/100: Be Experimental

92/100 || 4th of July in my family was never quite complete without my grandmother’s potato salad, so it felt a little daunting when I was tasked with bringing it to dinner. I got the recipe from my mom (which was more like a list and some helpful tips because of course my g-ma never actually used a recipe) and was trying so hard to follow it to the tee and make it “just right.” … CONTINUE READING

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91/100: Be Chillin’

91/100 || So…I’ve been pretty lousy about posting for The 100 Day Project, but I have been being playful every day. So, be prepared for a bunch of posts coming all at once as I catch up!! ⠀

Day 91 was a full day of play that included art, an amazing conversation with a weaver at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, and seeing Wonder Woman with two of my sisters. It all was lovely, … CONTINUE READING

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