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Bonnie Coberly

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Bonnie Coberly is a certified health counselor and the founder of Healthy Bites, a company based in Washington, D.C. that plans your weekly menu and delivers the freshly prepared dishes right to your door. Bonnie’s degree is in journalism and marketing and worked in communications at non-profits before making the decision to follow her passion for integrative health. She had experienced some health issues of her own in her twenties, and once she was … CONTINUE READING

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Melissa Rapoport

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Melissa Rapoport‘s journey to becoming a health coach was one that was paved with a number of struggles and life changes. Yet, when you meet her and have the chance to talk to her for just ten minutes, you know that she has found her true vocation. She is a natural and has the instant ability of making you feel heard. This is a gift, and she has worked hard to make her gift … CONTINUE READING

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