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Should vs. Must

Elle Luna_Should vs Must

Ok – so, if you watch one thing this week, it should be Elle Luna‘s talk at the 2014 Do Lectures. It is fan-freaking-tastic! She does such an amazing job of hitting on so many relevant topics about what it means to follow your must instead of the shoulds that plague us every day. She speaks about how the universe brings us what we need, when we need it – and me finding … CONTINUE READING

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Why Beauty?

Tim Smit: Why is beauty such an important word? from The Do Lectures on Vimeo.

“I think we have arrived in a period where the most important word over the next 15 years is going to be BEAUTY.  We’re going to rediscover beauty. Because beauty will be seen to be not an extra, it will be seen as the life affirmation that there’s more to life then just existence, and consumption and utility.  Utility
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