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Doug Reiser


Doug Reiser is one of the three founders of Burial Beer Company in Asheville NC, which was launched from scratch in 2013 with his wife, Jess, and friend, Tim Gormley. All three had completely different jobs before making the decision to turn a love of all things beer into a full-fledged business. Jess worked in development for a non-profit, Tim was working in marketing and Doug was a lawyer – all in the Seattle area.… CONTINUE READING

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Kim Nemeth

Chapter Be_Kim Nemeth_Woven

When Kim Nemeth signed up to be an AmeriCorps member and move to Walla Walla, Washington after graduating from The College of Wooster she had no idea that it would eventually lead to her starting her own weaving business. Fast forward ten years later and she would make the leap to create Woven (by Hand), a small artisan business focused on “handwoven wearables using traditional patterns, but with a focus on textures and color … CONTINUE READING

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Be: Authentic

chapter be_authentic_kim harris_2Be Authentic by Kim Harris

A life well seen………..a life well touched……….ultimately a life well lived. What do these things mean and how can we work to live as authentic of a life as possible? I do consider these questions often and honestly more often as I get older. Being a spouse, being a parent – these all feed my interest in placing the greatest amount of effort into where authenticity can lead.


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