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“The Being of a Nation” A Month Later…

It has been a month since I finished The Being of a Nation road trip and returned to Denver after three months of traversing the continental United States while getting the chance to talk to 375 strangers about how they want to be in the world. I took a few weeks to just be – catching up with people, sleep, and bad TV – and am now onto Phase II of this work…going through all … CONTINUE READING

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Be Reflective

Be Reflective_hlkljgk

This post and podcast episode are a week late, because I was in Los Angeles last week meeting my brand new niece. Needless to say – I am very much in love – and I felt like it was a worthy cause to really be in the moment, spending my time focusing on her. The thing about major life changes – births, deaths, etc. – is that they really have a way of making you … CONTINUE READING

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Thank You, 2014 Chapter Be Interviewees

Today starts a New Year, but I want to take some time to thank all the people who agreed to be a Chapter Be interviewee this past year! Looking back it is fun to see all of the interesting, courageous, smart, thoughtful and kind people I’ve been able to meet and interview for this site. They made my life richer and have helped me build the Chapter Be message and mission. I’m so grateful that … CONTINUE READING

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