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“The Being of a Nation” A Month Later…

It has been a month since I finished The Being of a Nation road trip and returned to Denver after three months of traversing the continental United States while getting the chance to talk to 375 strangers about how they want to be in the world. I took a few weeks to just be – catching up with people, sleep, and bad TV – and am now onto Phase II of this work…going through all … CONTINUE READING

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Bored and Brilliant


The other night I was out at an event with my sister, when I decided to test myself. She went to the restroom, and I was left standing alone at a table. I told myself, “Just stand here, and leave your phone in your bag.” I saw it as a perfect opportunity to test myself, and within seconds the uncomfortableness creeped in. It was amazing how many times I felt a craving to reach … CONTINUE READING

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Karen Clark Cole

Karen Clark Cole_Chapter Be-mark_gsellman

Karen Clark Cole is one of those people who you meet and wonder, “Has she found extra hours in the day?!” She’s someone who you want to shadow and figure out how she manages to run two companies and still have time for a personal life. Well, it is because she makes the time to do both and has made the conscious effort to live a life where she is present and living in the … CONTINUE READING

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Technology Intervention

Miranda July’s The Future – “A Handy Tip For The Easily Distracted” 

Can you conduct an intervention on yourself – a la Miranda July‘s A Handy Tip For The Easily Distracted? If so, I think it is about time that I sit myself down and have a serious conversation about my slight addiction to technology and all that it brings with it – i.e. social media, the rabbit hole of online articles and … CONTINUE READING

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