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Virginia Hart McAnaney

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Virginia Hart spent much of her childhood drawing and creating, but after graduating from college she got a job working at a hedge fund in New York City. While the job provided her with security and a way to pay her rent, she always felt like there was something she was missing. She started taking classes at night and on weekends at Parsons, School of Visual Arts, and online. The classes ranged from calligraphy to … CONTINUE READING

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An Online Skillshare Class by Ethan Bodnar

I get the chance to talk to many people who are in jobs and want a change. They might like the security that their job gives them, but they are bored, unhappy, not challenged or just feel like they need a change. Many times they don’t even know how to take the first step toward making a change or trying to do … CONTINUE READING

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Jen Messier & Jonathan Soma


The Brooklyn Braineryis an accessible, community-driven, crowdsourced education hub that hosts classes about all sorts of topics. Courses are dreamed up and suggested by the very people who teach them. Anyone can teach – they just need a passion for the topic and a desire to share it with others. Classes are shorter in length and reasonable in price, as they believe that “you shouldn’t have to spend a paycheck to learn something … CONTINUE READING

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