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BEgin Again

Chapter Be_Lindsey Stone_BEgin Again_2

BEgin Again by Lindsey Stone

We quit.
At the top of our game.
And it was the best change we could have made.

Clean Getaway Soap Company was our lives for seven years – sometimes it demanded more attention than others, and at the end my husband and I were each working 20-30 hours per week for the Soap Co, on top of bartending full time for me and grad-school for Mr. CleanGetaway.


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Kate & Paul McCann


Kate and Paul McCann were working corporate jobs in London – positions that many would perceive as being highly successful, as they were paid well and the work held a certain status. Yet, they found that they were deeply unsatisfied and not particularly happy. Paul realized, while traveling in India, how much his happiness was tied to material goods, and how this was, in turn, leaving him feeling more empty than anything. After a … CONTINUE READING

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Be: A Weirdo

Anthony Champ Kelly_Chapter Be_Be a Weirdo_4

Be a Weirdo by Anthony “Champ” Kelly

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

Who the heck wants to be ordinary!?

In 2013, I accompanied John Elway, John Fox, the Denver Broncos football team and several million viewers to MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl XLVIII. As I entered the field and looked around the stadium, I thought to myself in the tone … CONTINUE READING

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Jung Park

Jung Park_Metroboom_ChapterBe

Jung Park is a dynamic human being, and when you meet him you can’t help but want to sit and talk to him – about his story and life in general. He immigrated to the United States at the age of thirteen, and settled in Brooklyn, New York with his family. After high school he attended Parsons School of Design, where received his BFA in communication design. His work brought him out to Denver, CO … CONTINUE READING

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Be Yourself

Chapter Be_Be Ya Self_365justbe

If you are anything like me, you hear the phrase “Be Yourself” and you either are left feeling inspired or just incredibly frustrated. Without context, this phrase can be cliché and rather empty. If you are in a moment of confusion or uncertainty Be Yourself can just leave you asking – what does that even mean?

In today’s world we are inundated with messages and curated images and endless articles prescribing, “If you do these … CONTINUE READING

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Jacqueline Ros

Chapter Be_Jacqueline Ros_Revolar

Revolar started, like most successful companies, out of both a personal passion and as an attempt to solve a problem. Jacqueline (Jackie) Ros, the founder and CEO, was looking for a way to protect her younger sister after she was attacked twice before the age of 17. She wanted to find a way to provide her sister, and other women, with a device that could help keep them safe. She knew that she needed to … CONTINUE READING

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