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Be Rebellious


I had the great honor of being a guest on the Raising Rebellion podcast this week – getting the opportunity to talk to the the podcast’s host, Paul Kim, about the notion of BEing and how this simple act can be seen as rebellious. Paul’s podcast is for parents who want to “prepare their kids to challenge the status quo, and to seek a life of wonderment, purpose, fulfillment, and happiness, even if it’s an … CONTINUE READING

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Be: Opportunity

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Be Opportunity by Paul Kim

We are opportunity. Each of us.

To be clear, what I mean is not to be confused with the idea that “life is an opportunity” or “our lives are opportunities to accomplish one thing or another.” And while I believe each and every human being is “pure potential,” what I mean here is something more than noting that a human life if full of potential.

Still, I am not completely … CONTINUE READING

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