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Cynthia Morris

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Cynthia Morris is an author, illustrator, speaker and coach who I had the pleasure of hearing speak in Denver at Creative Mornings a few months ago. Her talk really resonated with me, and I loved that she created a business, Original Impulse, around the notion of helping people connect to their creative core. She guides people who are emerging and established authors or who are trying to make their creative projects come to life. … CONTINUE READING

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Be Compassionate

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a day when we think about service, non-violence, diversity, equality, community, dreams, perseverance and history. It is a day that we should reflect on our past as well as the work that that we still need to do moving forward. But – it is also a day to sit and think about the messages of King and how we can live them in our everyday life. One of the CONTINUE READING

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What You Feed Grows

the one you feed My personal mantra since leaving my 9-5 job three years ago, has been “what you feed grows.” I use it as a reminder to myself that if I choose to focus on the negatives in my life then that is all I will see and feel – the negatives. I got very trapped in living in the complaints of my 9-5 job and the more I focused on it, talked about it at work happy … CONTINUE READING

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