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Plastic Perfect


I really wish that I were in New York right now to check out Rachel Lee Hovnanian‘s exhibit, Plastic Perfect, at the Leila Heller Gallery in Chelsea. Mostly because I really respect the questions that she is asking and the challenge to all of us that she is putting out there. As the press release for the exhibit explains,

In Plastic Perfect, Hovnanian revisits obsession, narcissism and intimacy in a collection of interactive
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Amanda Peppard & Corina Gomez

Amanda Peppard & Corina Gomez_Suite Pieces_Chapter Be

I learned about Amanda Peppard and Corina Gomez’s store, Suite Pieces, via an article in Brooklyn Based, Two New Vintage Shops Breathe Fresh Life into Old Furniture. The article highlighted the store and it’s do-it-yourself workshops, but it wasn’t until I went to the store’s website that I discovered the women’s Chapter Be stories.

Each woman left a non-design career in order to follow her passion for design. Both women had their own … CONTINUE READING

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Margaret Roach

margaret roach_chair

I had the pleasure of meeting Margaret Roach at an event in New York right around the time I was struggling with my decision on whether or not I should stay in the city or leave with the hopes of further pursing Chapter Be. I was drawn to her story not only because she made the decision to leave a “successful” career at Martha Stewart in order to further pursue her passion for gardening, but … CONTINUE READING

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Marissa Feinberg


I had the chance to meet Marissa Feinberg when I went to an event at Green Spaces NY last year. I remember her talking honestly about the struggles of becoming an entrepreneur and appreciated the fact that she not only was sharing her personal story with those in the audience, but also was going to the extent of supporting others’ entrepreneur endeavors by being one of the founders of Green Spaces NY. She graciously agreed … CONTINUE READING

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Jo-Laine Duke-Collins & Tiffany Washington

IM Pastry_Tiffany&JoLaine2

Tiffany Washington works as an account manager at a publishing company and Jo-Laine Duke-Collins works in education management, but they are currently in the process of becoming Tiffany the pastry designer and Jo-Laine the dessert stylist. I was introduced to Tiffany and Jo-Laine’s Kickstarter – I.M. Pastry Studio is coming to Brooklyn, NY! – through a mutual friend and was so impressed by the endeavor that these two women are about to embark on over … CONTINUE READING

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How Much Does a City Impact Your Success?


Anand Giridharadas New York Times article, Is New York Only for the Successful? was written like he sat in on the many happy hours and coffee dates that I have had with friends over the last year.  This topic is one that is discussed frequently among my friends and on my mind a lot as I embark on creating a new path. It’s something that I think resonates with anyone who is … CONTINUE READING

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Conflicting Messages

Should I stay or should I go…



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Weekend Inspiration: New York Skyline


“New York represents America for a lot of people. There are 8 million people in the city.

People are so different here that people feel free to be different, themselves.”  

Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York… CONTINUE READING

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Rebecca Krucoff


I first met Rebecca Krucoff in 2009 through a work colleague during a time when I was very unhappy doing what I was doing.  I was beginning to explore other options within the education world and was interested in learning more about the non-profit that she started, The Urban Memory Project, which “encourages city residents to explore the vital relationship between their personal histories and the history of their city.” It sounded like something … CONTINUE READING

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