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29/100: Be Inspired

29/100 || Yesterday I was able to stop by the Museum Contemporary Art Denver to check-out the Basquiat Before Basquiat: East 12th Street, 1979-1980 exhibit that’s currently on display. And I am so very happy that I caught it before it closes on May 14th, because…WoW. What an interesting, complex, and creative soul Jean-Michel Basquiat was! His belief that art can encompass anything, resulted in works that ooze feelings of play and experimentation.


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8/100: Be Illuminated

8/100 || Tonight was April’s full moon – the Pink Moon! It was named by Native Americans, not because it is pink in color, but after the wild ground phlox that blooms in the springtime. The spiritual meaning of a pink moon represents focusing on new and exciting things that could bloom in this new season. My playful being activity today was being sure to take some time to check it out and observe it’s … CONTINUE READING

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Michelle Poler


Michelle Poler grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, thinking that fear was normal because that is what she saw every day of her life. It was not until she was out on her own that she started to recognize all of the fears that were so deeply engrained in her. She eventually acknowledged that she was never going to be able to accomplish the things that she wanted to do with … CONTINUE READING

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Eddy Bowles


Eddy Bowles knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a performer. He would lock himself in his parents’ basement to dance and choreograph moves without anyone knowing or seeing. But, by the time he was a senior in high school, he fully embraced his love for dance and outwardly proclaimed himself to be a dancer. Fast forward another 12 years to him making his Broadway debut at the age of 30 … CONTINUE READING

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Saira Rao


Saira Rao grew up in Richmond, VA in the 70s-80s watching cartoons – and as many children of the 80s can attest to, there was nothing quite like waking up early on a Saturday morning to consume as many cartoons as possible. It was our entertainment, and we wanted to see ourselves in the stories. Fast forward 30 years, and Saira found herself watching cartoons again – this time with her young daughter. She was … CONTINUE READING

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Judy Joo

Judy Joo_Chapter Be_Be Happy with Yourself

Judy Joo majored in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research in college before taking a job at Goldman Sachs and then Morgan Stanley – working on the trading floor as a institutional fixed income derivatives saleswoman. As one might imagine, the work was exciting, exhausting, stressful, intense and monetarily rewarding – yet, Judy found herself disconnected from what she was doing and burnt-out. She craved work that she felt more passionate about and connected to at … CONTINUE READING

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Danny Harris

Chapter Be_Danny Harris_Be Bold

Danny Harris was making a routine visit to the Whole Foods on P Street in Washington, D.C. back in 2009 when he looked around and noticed that while he was surrounded by people just like him — “a community of me-s” — no one was interacting or engaged with each other. They were going about their business, separated from each other and unaware of the person next to them. He had worked in policy for … CONTINUE READING

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Paul Laurie

Chapter Be_Paul Laurie
The first time I met Paul Laurie he was running through a venue in a grey top-hat attending to the 100s of people who had shown up for his Silver Spork Social Bacchanal event last November. I later learned that it was the emergency venue, because the warehouse where it was supposed to be had flooded. Yet you never would have guessed it, as Paul seemed very calm and collected, and definitely in his element.… CONTINUE READING

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Sasha McDowell

Sasha McDowell_Epicycle_Chapter Be

Some people actively seek out their Chapter Be path, while others are pushed or fall into it. Sasha McDowell is part of the latter category. She worked in youth development for many years, and loved the jobs she held that were focused around program development and management. Yet, when she became a mother she found herself facing having to put her daughter in daycare for 50 hours a week, and really struggled with this. A … CONTINUE READING

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Make Your Own Formula


Loving this Tumblr, Last Night’s Reading, created by Kate Gavino where she illustrates the readings that she sees around New York City. Such a creative way to capture the wise words of many-a-authors, including this quote by the brilliant Junot Díaz.

Díaz’s point that no one can tell us how to be, and that if we follow the path of someone else’s formula, we are bound for a prison of sorts, is one worth … CONTINUE READING

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