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Nepal Earthquake


Moments like the recent natural disaster in Nepal have a way of pushing everything else to the side and reminding you what is truly important in this world – each other. If you are like me then you were not directly effected, but are watching from afar and only have images to give you an idea of the horror that the Nepalese people are dealing with as they recover from the devastating earthquake that hit … CONTINUE READING

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Michelle Welsch

Michelle Welsch_Chapter Be_Get Real 2

Michelle Welsch is a social worker turned entrepreneur who quit her life in New York City and moved to Nepal to work on various projects that support leadership and educational opportunities within the country. What started as three-week volunteer trip evolved into her packing up her bags and moving there full time. She has now been in Nepal for two years, and even though she might not be making oodles of money, she is more … CONTINUE READING

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