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Dear 2020…

Dear 2020,  

I’m sorry that people have been so cruel to you. You showed up last January, minding your own business, and then when our human-created issues blew up in our faces – we blamed you. You’re just a reflection of all of us. A mirror shining back to us all that we have avoided or did not want to see. You forced us to face the fact that so many of the things plaguing CONTINUE READING

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Michelle Lee Weldon

Chapter Be_Michelle Lee Weldon_Vibrant Medicine

Restorative yoga on Sunday evenings is somewhat like my church. It is relaxing and centering as well as a time to get myself in a positive mindset for the week ahead. I highly recommend it for any and all, and if you happen to be in the Denver area, then you should most definitely check out Michelle Lee Weldon’s class at Kindness Yoga.

This is where I first met Michelle, and was introduced to her … CONTINUE READING

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Just Breathe


How different would our lives be if we took the time to “just breathe” instead of lashing out in anger? How different would our communities be if we instilled the idea of mindfulness in our children from the time they enter their formal education? If we learn how to deal with difficult emotions from a young age, how will that affect our adult lives and therefore relationships?

How do you take the time to … CONTINUE READING

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An Exploration of Inner Space

“Don’t believe everything you think.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

In this video, The Rise of Mindfulness in Society: Opportunities and Challenges, Arianna Huffington and Jon Kabat-Zinn speak at the 2014 Wisdom 2.0 Conference about both the importance of mindfulness in the world and the changing tide toward it. As they explain. “mindfulness is really heartfulness,” and focusing on the “moments that matter.” Zinn ends the talk with the point that “we do not have to … CONTINUE READING

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Be: The Change

365justbe_be the change_1

Be The Change by Katie Papazian

This is the story of how I totally, completely sold out.

I spent the first eight years of my career working in the nonprofit sector. If I had a dollar for every person who said to me during that time, “Oh, you must feel so great going home at night knowing you did something good for the world,” I would have had enough money to supplement my nonprofit salary … CONTINUE READING

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What do professional athletes do when their sports careers are over?

Super Bowl Football

Yesterday was the sports phenomenon that is the Super Bowl, and while the New England Patriots and their fans are still celebrating their win, it got me thinking about what happens to athletes after their bodies aren’t able to perform at that elite stage anymore. What do they do when they have no choice but to hang up their cleats?

70% of NFL players are between the ages of 22 and 27, and … CONTINUE READING

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