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Niki Koubourlis

Chapter Be_Niki Koubourlis_Bold Betties_2

Niki Koubourlis was working 80-100 hour weeks in commercial real estate in Abu Dhabi, and while she was gaining financial success she found that the rest of her life wasn’t where she would like it to be. It was the death of a college friend and her experience going through a strenuous fitness program that helped her gain back her boldness, and take the steps to become unstuck. She moved from the secure world she … CONTINUE READING

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Jacqueline Ros

Chapter Be_Jacqueline Ros_Revolar

Revolar started, like most successful companies, out of both a personal passion and as an attempt to solve a problem. Jacqueline (Jackie) Ros, the founder and CEO, was looking for a way to protect her younger sister after she was attacked twice before the age of 17. She wanted to find a way to provide her sister, and other women, with a device that could help keep them safe. She knew that she needed to … CONTINUE READING

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The Quitters’ Club

quitting is okay

Quitting holds such a negative connotation in our culture – and in many other cultures – that people would rather drudge along on one path forever instead of running the risk of looking like a “loser” by quitting. The truth of the matter, though, is that sometimes we have to quit something in order to allow something even better to enter into our lives. We can become so blinded by our expectations and preconceived notions … CONTINUE READING

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