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Judy Joo

Judy Joo_Chapter Be_Be Happy with Yourself

Judy Joo majored in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research in college before taking a job at Goldman Sachs and then Morgan Stanley – working on the trading floor as a institutional fixed income derivatives saleswoman. As one might imagine, the work was exciting, exhausting, stressful, intense and monetarily rewarding – yet, Judy found herself disconnected from what she was doing and burnt-out. She craved work that she felt more passionate about and connected to at … CONTINUE READING

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Kate & Paul McCann


Kate and Paul McCann were working corporate jobs in London – positions that many would perceive as being highly successful, as they were paid well and the work held a certain status. Yet, they found that they were deeply unsatisfied and not particularly happy. Paul realized, while traveling in India, how much his happiness was tied to material goods, and how this was, in turn, leaving him feeling more empty than anything. After a … CONTINUE READING

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Ysanne Spevack

Ysanne Spevack_mic & guitar

I became acquainted with Ysanne Spevack this past summer via the New York Observer‘s daily email, Very Short List (VSL). I started following her on social media, and she reached out to me shortly after. I was intrigued with her story and how her supper club, Kindelish, came to be, so we began corresponding via email. Through this correspondence I came to learn that Ysanne’s Chapter Be story involves a life of … CONTINUE READING

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