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Kate & Paul McCann


Kate and Paul McCann were working corporate jobs in London – positions that many would perceive as being highly successful, as they were paid well and the work held a certain status. Yet, they found that they were deeply unsatisfied and not particularly happy. Paul realized, while traveling in India, how much his happiness was tied to material goods, and how this was, in turn, leaving him feeling more empty than anything. After a … CONTINUE READING

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Marissa Feinberg


I had the chance to meet Marissa Feinberg when I went to an event at Green Spaces NY last year. I remember her talking honestly about the struggles of becoming an entrepreneur and appreciated the fact that she not only was sharing her personal story with those in the audience, but also was going to the extent of supporting others’ entrepreneur endeavors by being one of the founders of Green Spaces NY. She graciously agreed … CONTINUE READING

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