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Evan Skladany

Evan Skladany was working at a market research company when he was laid-off due to the economic crash in 2008. He had taught English in Boston and France, before his days in advertising and marketing, and he always wanted to be writer. His lay-off was the push that he needed to make it happen. He decided to get a job waiting tables, instead of looking for another marketing job, so that he could pursue this … CONTINUE READING

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Joanna Waterfall

Chapter Be_Joanna Waterfall

Joanna Waterfall is an artist at heart. She started college as a studio art major and eventually changed to graphic design. Yet, when you meet her and witness what she is doing with The Yellow Conference it is clear that the artist is still alive and well. The Yellow Conference  is “a gathering for creative women who desire to ignite passion and bring goodness to the world through everyday living,” and Joanna conceptualized it during … CONTINUE READING

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Tracie Lee

lonestar taco_tracie lee_chapter be

Tracie Lee and I met at an event hosted by Makeshift Society in Design*Sponge‘s offices – it was a panel discussion of different New York designers and entrepreneurs during the Brooklyn Beta conference. Tracie openly talked about what it was like trying to start up Lonestar Taco while at the same time working at her web design job. I wanted to hear more about her Chapter Be story, so we met over coffee a … CONTINUE READING

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Jen Messier & Jonathan Soma


The Brooklyn Braineryis an accessible, community-driven, crowdsourced education hub that hosts classes about all sorts of topics. Courses are dreamed up and suggested by the very people who teach them. Anyone can teach – they just need a passion for the topic and a desire to share it with others. Classes are shorter in length and reasonable in price, as they believe that “you shouldn’t have to spend a paycheck to learn something … CONTINUE READING

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Make Who You Are


Feeling inspired today by this fun and wise illustration by the amazing Lisa Congdon. Lisa is an illustrator and fine artist who made the illustration to support Makeshift Society‘s expansion to Brooklyn via their Kickstarter Campaign. The piece was made into a tote bag, which you could have if you contribute to the cause! 

I’m slightly obsessed with Makeshift Society and am very thrilled that they are bringing their positive energy and … CONTINUE READING

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