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Be Reflective

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This post and podcast episode are a week late, because I was in Los Angeles last week meeting my brand new niece. Needless to say – I am very much in love – and I felt like it was a worthy cause to really be in the moment, spending my time focusing on her. The thing about major life changes – births, deaths, etc. – is that they really have a way of making you … CONTINUE READING

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Jung Park

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Jung Park is a dynamic human being, and when you meet him you can’t help but want to sit and talk to him – about his story and life in general. He immigrated to the United States at the age of thirteen, and settled in Brooklyn, New York with his family. After high school he attended Parsons School of Design, where received his BFA in communication design. His work brought him out to Denver, CO … CONTINUE READING

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Mile High Lovin’


Last week I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a bit of Denver Startup Week and the Create Denver Expo that were taking place in Denver, CO. I wasn’t able to be experience the full week of events, panels and speakers, but it was nice to spice things up by getting a new and different perspective from another city’s community of innovators and creatives.

It was very impressive the way in which … CONTINUE READING

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