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Be Forty

Tomorrow is my birthday.
I am turning forty.
For some reason the number looks better to me written out as the word “forty,” versus “40.” A little subtler. A little softer.
I wish I could write that it has all been easy breezy, but I’ve had a few “moments” over the last few months in anticipation of the day.

I have very distinct memories of when both of my parents turned forty, and there were … CONTINUE READING

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That It Came to BE

094a74cae2361ac388ce22c793f549cdI’ve written about it before, but you have to take time out to celebrate the milestones – otherwise you risk losing the perspective of the distance you have traveled. Today marks the unofficial 1st year anniversary of Chapter Be! While I was secretly writing posts and interviewing people, I didn’t push them out into the universe or openly talk about it until June 20, 2013 – when I attended the Alt NYC SummitCONTINUE READING

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