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Be Change

I consciously chose to start Season 3 at the beginning of September because there is a palpable shift in energy and people’s mindsets this time of year. Even though there is not a “school year” for us adults – that is almost what it feels like. Like something is coming to an end and it is time to enter into our fall mode. I am not sure if this is because as humans we … CONTINUE READING

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Take the Time

A Way of Life_Uri_Amsterdam

My brother-in-love in Amsterdam sent the above picture to me yesterday. I wasn’t having the best day and to open my phone and see this little message gave me a boost of energy. I’m sure it only took him minutes to snap and send, but it made me smile and gave me an important reminder in the middle of a not-so-great day…take the time to do the little things.

We never really know what another … CONTINUE READING

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What Do You Know for Sure?

chapter be_shatter your external mirrors

Sandra Bienkowski created the list below of 48 things she knows for sure. And I love it. So many of the points are connected to things I write about here on Chapter Be and feel that another title could be “48 Things to Help You Be.” So many good and wise points to live by…

48 Things I Know for Sure

1. Fix yourself first.
2. Wisely choose who you spend your time with because … CONTINUE READING

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Be the Light

Chapter Be_be the lightCONTINUE READING

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If Only We Listened

unsplash_Chris Sardegna

“I contend that happiness should be defined and measured in terms of experiences of pleasure and purpose over time. It is situated in what we do and who we spend time with. It does not reside in some (often silly) story we tell ourselves about what we think should make us happy. We will often tell ourselves we are happy because, on the face of it, we have a great job or partner but our … CONTINUE READING

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How Much Does a City Impact Your Success?


Anand Giridharadas New York Times article, Is New York Only for the Successful? was written like he sat in on the many happy hours and coffee dates that I have had with friends over the last year.  This topic is one that is discussed frequently among my friends and on my mind a lot as I embark on creating a new path. It’s something that I think resonates with anyone who is … CONTINUE READING

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