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Ali DeJohn

Chapter Be_Ali DeJohn_The Makerie

A friend introduced me to the Makerie when I first moved to Denver, and I was instantly intrigued by the idea. I loved that this beautiful retreat was created with the sole intention of giving people the time and space to just be creative. I truly believe that everyone is creative, some just give more time and energy to it than others. Now here was something that was saying – take the time. Take the … CONTINUE READING

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Made by Hand

Made by Hand / No 3 The Beekeeper from Made by Hand on Vimeo

“This is the first time in my life when I’ve just felt absolutely on the right path.” – Megan Paska

Made by Hand is “a short film series celebrating the people who make things by hand—sustainably, locally, and with a love for their craft.” Although the last video was posted about a  year ago, you can see that each video is CONTINUE READING

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